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One of the services has been providing some of our customers for many years now is PC Care.

Basically we upgrade, repair, maintain and generally look after your computer assets.

One of the biggest problems is dust, computers hate dust, sadly most office environments have more than their fair share of the stuff. Next think of where your computer is kept in the office.... Under a desk usually, right where the dust settles,  the computers cooling fans suck it in whilst trying to maintain a stable component temperature and before you know it your computer starts to fail. Early signs are crashes, lock ups and the occasional unannounced reboot. Now these may only be annoying to start with but left unchecked eventually a vital system file will become corrupted and data loss will occur.
It takes just ONE hour to service a PC, just £20 and your machine will be stripped cleaned and rebuilt. We will also check the cooling fans to ensure that they are not failing, if replaced you are only looking at around another £20. How much would it cost to replace a hard disk full of data? Or purchase a new processor?

We can also install new hardware and software if required, make sure your systems have the latest updates and offer advice when purchasing or upgrading systems.
More than one PC? Do you only have one printer and Internet connection? Do you want all terminals to have access? This can be achieved by creating a small network where all the office resources can be shared. Today this does not mean tearing your office apart to run cables, it can be achieved wirelessly and won’t break the bank!
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The smaller print!
Maintenance services are only available to customers in London and the South East. Hourly  rate quoted is only valid within 25 mile radius of Orpington in Kent. Beyond this distance a charge will be made for traveling which will equate to £1 per mile beyond the 25 mile radius to and from site. There is no call out charge but a minimum charge of one hour will be charged for all jobs. Parts are always extra and will be charged at cost +10%.
We always recommend you back up your data and before any work is undertaken by our engineers, if no recent backup exists, a backup of agreed valuable data will be performed at your cost. If a backup cannot be performed then we will not be liable for any data lost either directly or indirectly caused by our actions.